Cybersecurity has definitely becoming one of the most pressing issues and digital threats are growing in tandem with the growing complexity of the digital landscape. Thus, it is imperative to get our cybersecurity professionals and community to be equipped with sufficient skills and knowledge.

MDEC, in collaboration with LE-Global Services (LGMS), will run a 4-weeks cybersecurity program to train and develop the next-gen cybersecurity professionals (NxFORCE), leveraging on Asia Cybersecurity Exchange (AsiaCyberX) platform. This is part of MDEC’s commitment to further building cybersecurity talents in addressing the current shortage in the industry.

There will be 10 cohorts intake scheduled from July 2018 to February 2019, where 30 students per cohort will be part of the 4-weeks program comprising of training, certification exam and mentoring. The students from MDEC’s Premier Digital Tech IHLs, who are passionate and interested to pursue a career in cybersecurity, are invited and encouraged to take part of this program.




This program aims to train 240 Malaysia undergraduates to obtain an industry-recognized professional certification (i.e. ISACA), industry immersion via hands-on lab and mentorship with experienced cybersecurity professionals. Also, assistance with internship placements where applicable.


Enrolment Pre-Requisites

 (1) Malaysian

 (2) 2nd or 3rd (Final) Year in IT/Computer Science/Security Undergraduate degree.

 (3) Achieve at least 3.0 CGPA.

 (4) Seeking a career in Cyber Security.

 (5) Possess own laptop/notebook.

 Registration & Selection Process


Registration for NxForce is now closed! Thank you all for your interest in this program , for those who missed out the chances, stay tuned for our future events.




 Cohort 1: 2nd July 2018 – 10th August 2018

  Cohort 2: 6th August 2018 – 14th September 2018

   Cohort 3: 3rd September 2018 – 12th October 2018

   Cohort 4: 29th October 2018 – 7th December 2018

       Cohort 5: 3rd December 2018 – 28th December 2018

   Cohort 6: 17th December 2018 – 11th January 2019

  Cohort 7: 14th January 2019 – 15th February 2019

 Cohort 8: 11th February 2019 – 8th February 2019

         Cohort 9: 18th February 2019 – 15th March 2019

          Cohort 10: 18th February 2019 – 15th March 2019






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